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Moving Plants

Prepare your plant(s) for a move by following these directions: • Provide it with extra sunlight for several weeks to let it store extra energy that it will need for an extended trip. • Prune back overgrown leaves and branches about a month before moving and curtail feeding to a minimize growth. • Thoroughly water […]

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Summer Storage

Are you going home for the summer? We will provide 3-4 months of summer storage for only $400! This includes pick-up and returns services to your dorm, and 5 medium boxes and 5 small boxes. There is a maximum of 20 items. Keep in mind that the glass plate inside your microwave will need to […]

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Packing Tips

Packing takes time and energy. Moving companies estimate that it takes two people at least two to three days, without professional assistance, to prepare and pack the contents of an average three-bedroom home.

It is also very important to use the proper packing containers and wrapping materials. Improperly packed items can be easily damaged or broken. Odd size cartons constructed of improper materials or without lids take longer to load and move, increasing your charges and risk of damage. It is also recommended that you purchase proper packing materials from your mover.

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