Summer Storage

Are you going home for the summer? We will provide 3 months of summer storage for only $195! This includes pick-up and return services to your dorm, and 5 medium boxes and 5 small boxes.

There is a maximum of 10 items at this price and a charge of $2.50 for each additional item.

Keep in mind that the glass plate inside your microwave will need to be packed in a box. Your refrigerator will need to be cleaned out, and books should be placed in small boxes.

Please do not over pack your boxes and use packing tape to seal them securely.

Please make sure you return the Summer Storage Return Form to inform us of when and where you would like your items returned to. If you choose a return date & time and you are unable to accept your items at that scheduled time, you will be charged a $75 return fee.

Not coming back to school? No problem! We’ll ship your items to you.

Call 256-430-1198 to schedule your pick-up time today!

Forms of payment: Debit, Credit, Check or Cash, and Cash App

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