We make it easy on you... Seriously!

Our mission is to make relocating a red carpet experience for every customer. Our daily goal is to anticipate and meet our customers’ needs by employing an impeccably trained staff and utilizing the latest technology and equipment. The best employee is a fully trained employee.

Over the years, alleviating the stress and confusion of relocating has been our focus. At Applewhite Movers, we don’t just move boxes, we move people.

How we got started

Applewhite Movers LLC began in 2010 at the suggestion of a friend who needed corporate relocation services from Alabama to North Carolina. Throughout the course of the move Mr. Applewhite’s friend noted his organizational skills, business sense and petitioned Mr. Applewhite to start his own moving company. And with a team of 4 individuals and 1 truck Mr. Applewhite started his journey of maintaining a successful moving company.

Currently Applewhite Movers has increased its work force to 18 crew members and a full office staff. The moving company’s services initially began with residential and commercial moves and now has expanded its services to include storage, cleaning, unwanted property removal and furniture sales.

As a small startup business, we have had our fair share of accolades and a few mishaps over the years. But our top priority is our customers. If there is a mishap with a customer move, whether it be our fault or not, we have and will always do our best to resolve the issue in a timely fashion. Applewhite Movers’ motto is “Great customer service covers a multitude of sins.” And we will ALWAYS make it easy on you. . . Seriously!

Odel Applewhite

Odel Applewhite


Jared Francis

Jared Francis

General Manager/ Operations Manager

Claudia Richards

Claudia Richards

Office Administrator


Applewhite Movers dedicated to helping our community.


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