Moving a Gun Safe the Right Way

A full gun safe can easily weigh more than a small whale and has the possibility to be dangerous. We always recommend that you hire professionals for moving such an item, but sometime you can’t. So how can you make sure that you’re prepared to move your gun safe the right way- safely? *some special tools and experience is required.

1.) Plan– you’ll need to plan accordingly, because moving a gun safe can be a dangerous situation if you don’t prepare.

2.) Empty– do not try to move your gun safe while it is full. The risk is not worth the cost if something happened while trying. Empty the safe and place the guns in a safe location for the move.

3.) Proper Equipment– rent a strong dolly cart, acquire gloves, secure straps and a big, sturdy truck to load it onto. DON’T CUT CORNERS!

4.) Measure– by measuring the safe to know its dimensions before you start will allow you to know the best path to take to avoid damage to the safe or your home.

5.) Clear Pathway– identify obstacles in the way of moving the gun safe to the truck to avoid any issues after you have already begun.

6.) Secure– make sure you use the straps we said you would need. They will keep the gun safe from rolling off the dolly while you’re transporting it from your house to the truck.

7.) Ask For Help– the more help you have, the easier it will be! If you do not have professional moving experience, then try to gather strong friends who have experience moving heavy objects, such as a gun safe or a hot tub.

If challenges do arise in the planning or moving process, give us a call at 256-430-1198. We can give you a free quote for moving your heavy-duty gun safe. We are certified movers that have experience moving large and heavy items, as well as navigating any potential obstacles, such as stairs and challenging doorways.

We will make it easy on you… Seriously!

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