Packing Tips

Packing takes time and energy. Moving companies estimate that it takes two people at least two to three days, without professional assistance, to prepare and pack the contents of an average three-bedroom home.

It is also very important to use the proper packing containers and wrapping materials. Improperly packed items can be easily damaged or broken. Odd size cartons constructed of improper materials or without lids take longer to load and move, increasing your charges and risk of damage. It is also recommended that you purchase proper packing materials from your mover.

Choosing the right materials. Your mover can provide you with containers and packing material designed specifically moving. If the cartons are returned in good condition, you may receive a rebate.

• China Barrel for Dishes, fine china, glass.
• Mirror/ picture carton for mirrors and art.
• Lamp shade cartons for lamp shades.
• Mattress carton or plastic cover for mattresses.
• Wardrobe for clothes and drapes.
• Chandelier container for chandeliers/ light fixtures.
• Small carton (2 cu. ft.) for books and small, heavy items.
• Medium carton (4 cu. ft.) for groceries, pots and pans, small appliances.
• Large carton (5 cu. ft.) linen, stuffed toys, and light bulky items.
• Utility carton for brooms, mops, garden tools, and other loose items
• Bubble wrap or packing paper for wrapping of dishes and other fragile items and wrapping breakables.
• Stretch wrap for covering sofas and chairs to prevent soiling
• Tape for sealing cartons.

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