Can we provide service after 5 pm?
Only in emergencies (Emergency after hours contact: 256-348-9137)


Do we provide storage containers (examples – pods, upack containers)
Yes, Upon request


Do furniture contents need emptied?
Yes All items must be removed from the dresser drawers.


Do wall hangings need to be packed in boxes?
All smaller hanging wall items must be packing in boxes along with table lamps. We can transport large mirrors and large photos as is which the movers will wrap and transport along with standing floor lamps. If it can fit in a box it must go into a box.


Will the customer have access to the storage unit after we move it?
It a case by case situation.


Are the storage units’ climate controlled?
We have climate-controlled options


How safe are the storage units Applewhite Movers provides?
There is a gate code that only the office staff has access to


Where are the storage units located at?
Within 5-15 minutes from Applewhite Movers Offices


Will we move their items to my storage unit even if I don’t get a storage unit from Applewhite Movers?
Yes we will


What is the price for storage?
Traditional Space

Size Price
5 x 10 $75.00
10 x 10 $110.00
10 x 15 $135.00
10 x 20 $145.00
10 x 30 $175.00
10 x 35 $195.00

Climate Control

Size Price
10 x 5 $105.00
10 x 10 $145.00
10 x 20 $210.00


Can you tell me how much it will cost to move me from (Location) to (Location)?
We base our moving quote on mileage and weight if you are moving out of state. Our moving specialist will provide you with a flat estimated rate which is only subject to change if the weight is higher than initially estimated. Based on this information we will be able to provide you with the best quote possible.


What is your moving budget?
If you are requesting a local quote, I will need the address you are moving from and moving to. Are you moving from a house, an apartment, or a storage unit? Is your house a 1-story or 2-story? What floor is your apartment on? How long have you lived at your residence? What size is your storage unit? Does the storage unit have an elevator? Did a moving company unload your items into the storage unit? Are your items wrapped? How long have the items been in storage? We will need a list of the items you want us to move including an estimate of the number of boxes you may have.


Do you move people out of state?
Yes, our company does offer national relocation services. Everyone’s move is customized to the customer’s needs. We are also capable of transporting a vehicle or providing you with PODS options or trailers if your estimated weight is more than 26,000lbs.


How much does it cost to move from a storage unit to an apartment/home?
Our pricing is based on an hourly rate unless customer requests a flat rate. If a flat rate is requested, one of our moving specialists will schedule a time to come out and asses the items that need to be moved. If the items are wrapped it will take less time to load the truck. Based on how long the items have been stored, it may take extra time to either wrap all items being removed from the unit and/or if any boxes are damaged our crew will need to replace the items in a sturdier box so they can be stacked properly in our truck to avoid damages. We can reassembly items that are delivered to your apartment or home at your request. A deposit is required prior to your move.


What are your moving rates?

Monday- Thursday                                                            Friday/ Sunday

2 Men                                                   $119/ hour 2 Men                                                 $135/hour
3 Men                                                   $ 155/hour 3 Men                                                 $180/hour
4 Men                                                   $ 180/hour 4 Men                                                 $210/hour
5 Men                                                   $ 200/hour 5 Men                                                  $225/hour
6 Men                                                   $ 225/hour 6 Men                                                  $240/hour


(3rd Floor) Monday- Thursday                               (3rd Floor) Friday/ Sunday

3 Men                                                   $ 165/hour 3 Men                                                 $200/hour
4 Men                                                   $ 190/hour 4 Men                                                 $225/hour



Can you give me an estimate on moving items from a pod into storage?
Your quote is based on an hourly rate. We determine the size of your crew based on the size of the POD and/or how many PODS you have. If we are unloading a POD and relocating your items to a different location, the move will take longer than just unloading it at the designated location.


I am trying to get quotes from different moving companies. What is that process?
Awesome, I can help you with that. I will need some information from you and then I can send a quote to you via email. Who am I speaking with? How did you hear about us? Is this a local move? What is the address you are moving from? What is the address you are moving to? Are you moving from a house, apartment, or a storage unit? Are you in a 1-story or 2-story home? What floor is your apartment on? What size is your storage unit? Does the storage unit have an elevator and how long have the items been in storage? I will need an items list from you to determine what size truck we will need to move you efficiently. Starting with your living room, what items are we going to be moving? (We go room by room to get a complete list of items that need to be moved. We also ask additional questions like “Are we moving any appliances, grill, or patio furniture and how many boxes. We tell the customer it is okay to overestimate). All standard moves are based on an hourly rate. Your time will start when your crew arrives at your home and ends upon completion at the destination address.


I have a scheduled appointment to have my pod unloaded on [DATE] but I still have not heard from the company that is shipping the pod. How do I go about rescheduling?
That’s fine. We will just keep in close contact and keep one another updated. As soon as you hear something whether its tentative or not we can give you a courtesy hold for the day in question. But we will try our best to make sure we can accommodate you.


Will the crew call before arriving?
Yes [Sir or Ma’am] your driver/ crew leader will give you a call before leaving our office. We do not send the crew out if we have not made verbal contact with the customer.


Does your service come with a truck and moving equipment? or just moving labor?
Our hourly rate does include a truck and moving equipment such as moving blankets, dollies, straps, bubble wrap, and shrink wrap. But this is also situational. If your items are being moved into a storage unit, we will request that you purchased our 3-ply paper padding sheets to protect your items. Otherwise, our company provides all the items to safely move and protect your items.


Do you bill in 15-minute or 30-minute increments?
No, we do not. If your time goes into the next hour your must pay for the full hour. But if you only go over 10 or 15 minutes, we are not going to charge you for a full hour (This is something we say on an individual basis. Some customers deserve this courtesy).


Why must I provide an items list?
Our moving specialists ask for an itemized list to ensure that your moving crew is fully prepared for your move. This also allows us to send the appropriate amount of manpower and the correct size truck and equipment for your move. This also helps us determine if you can be moved in the morning or the afternoon and which time slot would be best to complete your move in a timely fashion.


Is there a deposit required for local moves?
Yes, there is a two-hour minimum deposit required to book and hold your move date. Which must be collected prior to your move date via cash, credit card or check. And the deposit will be applied to your total bill upon completion of services. If you cancel without 48 hours’ notice, your deposit in nonrefundable.


How far in advance must I call to secure my move date?
Honestly, as soon as you know or have a relative idea of when you need to move please call to schedule a tentative date. But the earlier the better because we do get booked up pretty quickly.


What is the process if items are damaged?
If any of your items have been damaged by our crew, we ask that you contact us with 5-7 business days of your move date. Take pictures of the damages and email them to with your first and last name along with your move date and where the damaged items are located whether it is at the origin address or the destination address. From there our operations manager will contact you and set up a time to come out and access the damages and see what times are best suited around your schedule to have a repair person come out and handle it. If you are unsatisfied with what our repair man has done, then we will either compensate you or replace the items that were damaged. We have a turn around time of 2 weeks to repair or replace your damaged item(s).

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