Packing Computers and other Electronics

The original carton and packing materials are always best for safe guarding any type of home electronic equipment. However, if you’re like the most people and have long since thrown away the original packaging, you can wrap continents (e.g. receiver, compact disc player, VCR) separately inside clean plastic garbage bags to protect against dust and dirt and then pad them with newspaper or bubble-wrap.

Carefully pack the items in a sturdy carton that has been lined with newspaper or Styrofoam “packing peanuts”. Securely seal the carton, and mark the outside of the box to indicate that the item inside is “Extremely Fragile”.

Likewise, your personal computer and printer require special attention. Disconnect wires attached to movable hardware such as modem or mouse and “pack” your personal computer by inserting a blank floppy disc into the disk drive. Detach paper from printer and wrap monitor and other hardware as you would other home electronics.

It’s a good idea to “back up” all files on your hard drive by copying them onto a floppy disk and keep them in your possession en route to your new residence.

If you have a floppy drive, cut out a square of cardboard the side of your floppy disk, slide it into the drive slot, and close the drive.

Be sure not to pack disks or cassettes near magnets, such as those on your stereo speakers.

Consult your PC user manual for any additional instructions relative to your particular equipment.

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