5 Tips to Make Your Move Easy on You

It is our goal to make your move easy on you… Seriously! And, by doing so we have written this blog that will give you several tips to do so.

1.) Be prepared- you cannot control everything, but planning ahead can help to make your move run smoothly- things like packing a go bag and keeping a “survival closet”.

2.) Stay organized- labeling during packing helps you stay organized because you will know what the items are, where they go in the house, and which items need to go on the truck or in your car.

3.) Communicate- it is important to make sure your family, friends, and anyone else that would be affected by your move knows the plan. Assuming creates unknowns and possible problems.

4.) Keep your cool- since may large arguments can start from small comments, it is important to keep your cool. Moving and change, even for the better, is still change and can create mixed emotions.

5.) Let the professionals do all the work- in this day and age, everyone is busy with work, kids, friends, family, extracurricular… the list goes on. That is why hiring a professional moving company is another way to make your move easy.

By hiring us, Applewhite Movers, we can pack your items, provide the packing materials, remove unwanted items, put unneeded items in storage, pack the truck, clean your old house, clean your new house, and unload your items all to give you piece of mind and make your move easy on you… Seriously!

Call us today at 256-430-1198 or go online for a free quote to plan your next move.

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